Welcome to La Kutira !





We have been living by creating jewelry and crafts with our hands traveling around the world,mostly in India. We have learned creative techniques at the side of craftspeople and refined our skills with other artisans traveling.We have been inspired specially by Indian craftspeople. Their traditional works,embroidery,block printing, mirror works, and jewelry...these things are both beautiful and extraordinary.
My first visit to India,was in 2003,I fell in love with these crafts works, after that I have visited every year without exceptional,learning the Hindi language,yoga,and a more natural way to live.

We gathered materials and natural stones to work with during our travels in India.
We believe that each and every piece has its own sprit.Inspiration for pieces often comes from the energy which materials and stones emit or from natural beauty which comes in many forms.

Each piece has been lovingly handmade.
Our intention is that the recipient of a piece of our work will feel spiritually uplifted ,and their hearts will be filled with happiness.

We hope that you will truly enjoy of our creations.

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Nao Koyasu
Jérémy Farano